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              Shanghai Suiye Metallic Case Manufacturing Company Limited is a firm which provides protection and displays equipment for its products as well as a display solver.It is dedicated to offer delicate equipment and strong protection for its product, while,developing more equipment and exploring plans for exhibition.At present,it mainly concentrates on metallic manufacturing. Vibration resistance is a strong feature of the company's product and enjoys a good reputation in the market.




              After a decades production,Suiye has now integrated the product's design,production and sales. After many years' development and exploitation,Suiye's technical capacity has been constantly enhanced.Its production line has is now an advanced manufacturing facility, with professional technicians, and mature design capabilities.Suiye meets the changing market and persists in originality and uniqueness.Therefore, a lot of new products are produced and the trade volume has increased dramatically.




              We cannot achieve a high quality product without our employees' diligence and perseverance.Our company has many experienced and skilled workmen who uphold the characteristics of the company's product,_delicate in design and firm in use,concentrating on the products'sturdy construction, and marvelous delicate smoothness.In order to meet the requirements of diversified customers and a changeable market, the designers in our company has always been devoted to exploring and producing new metallic cases which will provide all sorts of products with much more sophistication,safety and an ideal usable space.




              Suiye's growth cannot be separated from their customers'trust and their good long term cooperation.Looking foreward into the future, we are able to keep in step with the development of society and find a perfect match of mature technological experience and unique creativity,providing for customers'demands.




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